The Conference sections are as follows.

Section 1. “Theory of functions and functional spaces”.
Chairs: professor V.I. Burenkov (Russia), professor M.L. Goldman (Russia).

Section 2. “Differential operators and their applications”.
Chairs: professor Kufner A. (Czech Republik), professor Skubachevsky A.L. (Russia).

Section 3. “Nonlinear differential equations of mathematical physics”.
Chairs: professor Nefedov N.N. (Russia), professor Shishkov A.E. (Ukraine).

Section 4. “Inverse and ill-posed problems”.
Chairs: corresponding member of RAS Kabanikhin S.I. (Russia), professor Klibanov M.V. (USA); professor Yagola A.G. (Russia).

Section 5. “Problems of mathematical education”.
Chairs: professor Klakla M. (Poland), professor Mkrtchyan M. (Armenia), professor Rozanova S.A. (Russia), professor Smirnov E.I. (Russia).

Section 6. “History of mathematics and science”.
Chairs: professor Demidov S.S. (Russia), professor Tikhomirov V.M. (Russia).

Section 7. “Information technologies in education”.
Chairs: professor Kirillov A.I. (Russia), professor Sokolov V.A. (Russia).