Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) (Russia),

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) (Russia),

Steklov Mathematical Institute (MIRAS) (Russia),

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) (Russia),

Moscow Technological University (MIREA) (Russia),

Methodological Council on Mathematical Education (MCME) (Russia)



will organize on November 26-29, 2018, in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia,


5th International conference


“Function spaces. Differential operators. Problems of mathematical education”.


The conference is supported by the International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC).


The conference is dedicated to corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), member of the European Academy of Sciences, professor L.D. Kudryavtsev on occasion of his 95th anniversary.


International Organizing Committee


Chairs:academician of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE)Filippov V.M. (RUDN), corresponding member of RAS Kudryavtsev N.N. (MIPT), academician of RASSadovnichy V.A. (MSU), academician of RASSigov A.S. (MIREA), academician of RASTreschev D.V. (MIRAS).


Vice-Chairs:Burenkov V.I., professor (RUDN); Kirillov A.I., professor, Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education (MCCME);Rozanova S.A., professor (MIREA); Sergeev A.G., professor (MIRAS); Yagola A.G., professor (MSU).


Members: Aslanov R.M., professor (Azerbaijan); Chubarikov V.N., professor (Russia); Dvoryatkina S.N., professor (Russia); Gondo Y., professor (Republic of Cote d’Ivoire); Hasanoglu (Hasanov) A., professor (Turkey);Iskenderov A.D., professor (Azerbaijan); Kabanikhin S.I., corresponding member of RAS (Russia); Kadenova Z., DSc., Vice-Minister of the Ministry for Migration, Labour and Youth (Kyrgyzstan);  Kalmenov T.Sh., academician of the National Academy of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan); Kashtanov V.A., professor (Russia); Kibzun A.I., professor (Russia); Kruszewski Z., professor (Poland); Lazarev V.A., professor (Russia);  Mkrtchyan M., DSc., Vice-Minister of the Ministry for Education and Science of Armenia (Armenia); Nefedov N.N., professor (Russia); Velmisov P.A., professor (Russia); Zhukova G.S., professor (Russia).


International Program Committee


Chairs:Begehr H., professor (Germany); Rozov N.Kh., corresponding member of RAE (Russia);


Vice-Chairs:Goldman M.L, professor (Russia); Savchin V.M., professor (Russia).


Members: Afanasiev V.V., professor (Russia); Evans W.D., professor (Great Britain); Feichtinger H., professor (Austria); Gevorkian P.S., professor (Russia); Goldman M.L., professor (Russia); Guliyev V.S., corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of the Sciences (Azerbaijan); Ivanov G.E., professor (Russia);Khudak Y.I., professor (Russia);  Klakla M., professor (Poland); Khudak Y.I., professor (Russia); Klibanov M.V., professor (USA);Kufner A., professor (Czech Republic); Lanza de Cristoforis M., professor (Italy); Polovinkin E.S., professor (Russia); Scherbatykh S.V., professor (Russia); Sebu C., professor (Malta); Semyonov P.V., professor (Russia); SenashenkoV.S, professor (Russia); Skubachevsky A.L., professor (Russia); Smirnov E.I., professor (Russia);Tikhomirov V.M., professor (Russia); Triebel H., professor (Germany); Wang Y., professor (China); Yamamoto M., professor (Japan); Zernov V.A., professor (Russia); Zimina O.V., professor (Russia).


Local Committee


Chairs:Laneev E.B., professor (RUDN); Chekalkin N.S., professor (MIREA).


Members:Beletskaya N.V., associate professor (MIREA); Galakhov E.B., associate professor (RUDN); Kudryavtsev N.L., associate professor (MSU); Kuznetsova T.A., associate professor (MIREA); Puntus A.A., professor (MAI); Rusakov A.A., professor (MIREA); Zhuravlev N.B., associate professor (RUDN).


Secretariat:Margaryan A.A., Sidorov V.O. (RUDN).



Expected plenary speakers: Filippov V.M., Burenkov V.I., Skubachevsky A.L. (RUDN); Sadovnichy V.A., Rozov N.Kh. (MSU); Zernov V.A. (Russian New University); Evans W.D. (Great Britain); Guliyev V.S. (Azerbaijan); Klibanov M.V. (USA); Kufner A. (Czech Republic); Mkrtchyan M. (Armenia); Triebel H. (Germany); Yamamoto M. (Japan), and others.  Fulllistofinvitedspeakerswillbepublishedlater.



Sections of the conference:


Section 1.“Theory of functions and function spaces”.

Chairs: professor Burenkov V.I.  (Russia), professor Goldman M.L.  (Russia), corresponding member of RASStepanov V.D. (Russia), professor Triebel H. (Germany).


Section 2.“Differential operators and their applications”.

Chairs:professor Kufner A. (Czech Republic), corresponding member of RAERozov N.Kh. (Russia), professor Skubachevsky A.L. (Russia).


Section 3. “Nonlinear differential equations of mathematical physics”.

Chairs:professor Nefedov N.N. (Russia), professor Shishkov A.E. (Ukraine).


Section4.“Inverse and ill-posed problems”.

Chairs:corresponding member of RASKabanikhin S.I. (Russia), professor Klibanov M.V.  (USA),professor Yagola A.G. (Russia), professor Yamamoto M. (Japan).


Section 5.“Problems of mathematical education”.

Chairs:professor Klakla M. (Poland), professor Mkrtchyan M. (Armenia), professor Rozanova S.A. (Russia), professor Smirnov E.I. (Russia).


Section 6.“History of mathematics and science”.

Chairs:professor Demidov S.S. (Russia), professor Tikhomirov V.M. (Russia).


Section7.“Information technologies in education”.

Chairs:professor Kirillov A.I. (Russia), professor Pavlov P. (Bulgaria), professor Sokolov V.A. (Russia).


Languages of the conference are English and Russian.


Information about registration form, registration fees and abstracts submission can be found at the conference website: ldk95.rudn.ru

E-mail of the conference: Conf_Kudryavtsev_95@mail.ru


Registration and Fees:

Conference fee: early rate (before October 20, 2018) – 1500 Russian rubles, late rate (after October 20, 2018, or on arrival) – 2000 Russian rubles. For undergraduate and graduate students – 500 rubles on arrival.

Conference fee covers: book of abstracts, conference materials, welcome reception and coffee breaks. Accommodation is not included.

Information about local hotels, cultural program and transportation will be posted on the conference website.


Arrival date is November 25th, departure date is November 29th.

Registration of participants will be organized in the Main Building of the RUDN (6 Miklukho-Maklay St) on November 25th, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., and on November 26th, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.



Deadline for submission of abstracts – October 10, 2018

Informing about acceptability of abstracts – up to October 15, 2018

Deadline for early registration – October 20, 2018

Organizing Committee